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Kids 窶督Safety is our first priority.ツAracruz Granite highly recommends for safety reasons that if at all possible you leave your kids in the care of others while you come and visit us; however, we also recognize that other arrangements at times are not possible. For safety reasons, any kids under 12 in the warehouse must be carried in arms or strapped in a stroller.

Stone slabs weigh a minimum of 500 pounds and by nature may contain cracks or fissures that are not perceptible to the human eye. ツThere is a possibility of slabs cracking, breaking and falling at any time. ツIn addition to this hazard, there are also forklifts moving around the warehouse at all times. ツOur Team at Aracruz Granite are all safety conscious and have passed OSHA training and forklift certifications; however, this also requires your cooperation in keeping a safe distance from them at all times.

Aracruz Granite also provides:

  • An unsupervised play area 窶 This play area, located in our showroom area, has a play kitchen, coloring supplies, small building blocks, a TV and free wi-fi.
  • Complimentary snacks and beverages 窶 We provide a variety of different small snacks which may includeツcrackers, granola bars, fruit snacks along with 100% fruit juice, water and soda.
  • If your child is too young to be left alone in the play area, they are allowed within the warehouse provided they are either carried in arms at all times or strapped in a stroller. ツAracruz Granite does not provide strollers or child carrying equipment as we do not recommend having any children under 12 in the warehouse.